PARIAH by Jay Erickson

In the aftermath of the brutal destruction of his village, a stranger appears to rescue the young boy Ashyn Rune. The stranger can see Ashyn is unique. So he offers to help this sole survivor . . . and more. In his darkest hour, hunted relentlessly, tormented by sorrow and loss, this stranger offers Ashyn an escape. To become that which the world around him hates and fears. To become a wizard.

"A dense and violent series opener seeded with events of grand consequence." - Kirkus Reviews

Chapter 1









I will be returning to GenCon this year. I will be in the Authors Avenue. Stop by and take a free picture with Brodea. She hunts wizards so be careful if you wear robes; and Stormwind, a true hero who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time except for August 4-7 at GenCon. Get a free limited edition bookmark when you come to the booth. I can’t wait to meet you all. see you there.






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For thousands of winters the war has been over. The fires of hatred that once burned bright have diminished to little more than ash and dust to all but a few. But for one, those ancient struggles still burn strong. Then there is Stormwind. A wandering Elf who just happens to stumble into this ancient conflict. Will he become the hero that everyone hopes he is, or will the trial prove too great?



Vagabond High Elf, Stormwind, is badly wounded and imprisoned by the Dark Elves following a conflict with the Pononga. Captured by this enemy, and forced into servitude, Stormwind slowly begins to know and respect what it means to live by a true code of honor. Meanwhile, a plot simmers beneath the waters of Tilliatemma to force modernization among the clans of Dark Elves. Can Stormwind come to terms with what it means to serve a cause greater than only himself, or will he bear witness to the destruction of the very culture he has come to admire?